Your product has a story to tell. Your product backlog should reflect this. But does the backlog tell the story too? Try and look at your backlog in different ways. One way of viewing your backlog is the Story Map. It will show you at a glance what your product is about, what the most important structures and features are, and what makes it nicer/cooler/more exciting/even better.

We offer you this course, which provides a great balance between theory and practice, to familiarize yourself with Story Mapping. What are the benefits? How do we create a Story Map? How do we use a Story Map? We will answer these (and more) questions in a hands-on workshop using pre-crafted user stories. 

At a later point in the training, the attendees will shift to a product idea suggested by the group (for instance a web application or Mobile App). You will explore your wishes and create User Stories along the way. As a group you will next create the Story Map for this product using the knowledge gained from the first part of the workshop.

Because of the nature of the workshop, we run this training with groups of 4-8 people.

Interested? Want to know more? Please contact me so we can discuss the options, including in-house training at your company. Just drop us a line so we can talk!